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Mother Fern
Mother Fern
Mother Fern
Mother Fern

*Mixed with the ratios we use on our philodendrons, orchids, and other aroid plants, this mix is soilless and allows proper drainage and air flow for all plants prone to root rot from overwatering.

*Disclaimer: Mix doesn't guarantee that root rot won't occur as environmental and user factors can play a part (i.e. lighting, watering, temperature and etc.)

Philos, Monstera,& Other Aroids

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This soiless blend is a fine grade mix of orchid bark, peat moss, perlite, and charcoal


For water sensitive plants (i.e. Anthuriums, Monstera, Philodendrons and more!)


Fills up to 2x (6" Pots) or 4x (4" Pots)

Very Low

Retains very low amounts of water


Allows for much needed air flow