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Monstera Thai Constellation Seedling (Mini)

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Monstera Thai Constellation Seedling


Prefers bright indirect light, porous soil that is kept moist but dries between waterings (Our thais are grown in our Coco Loco Blend). Ambient humidity is just fine however we have noticed they unfurl their leaves faster when given a bit more humidity. We also fertilize twice a month for best results! They have been growing with us for aprox 1 month now and avg. about 4" inches. They are potted in 2" pots.  Yes, these are TC since all Thais are TC. We grow with passion and mucho amor so we are definitely sad to see them go but happy they will be in a loving home! 

NOTE: Thais are prone to root rot do not overwater plants. 


Plants pictured are for reference only, unless otherwise noted. Plant size may vary according to available stock and growing season.