Las Selvas Grown

Through vigorous testing, innovative growing methods and huge investments in our growing operations (locally and globally) we are able to grow around 30% of our plants here in the Bay Area. This include a unique and very rare selection of Las Selvas Grown plants that are acclimated to our climate.

The Process

1: Grow

We make it our priority to ensure that our plants have active roots, new foliage growth and are pest-free before releasing them into your homes. Our exotic plant babies and mature plants are cared for by us for a minimum of 1-2 months.


2: Propagate

Thanks to our innovative growing methods and techniques we are able to propagate from a host of difficult to grow plants (i.e. Philodendrons, Anthuriums, Monsteras, Hoyas, etc.) and acclimate them successfully here in the Bay Area


3: Release

Once are beautiful and healthy plants are ready to be released we will typically announce that they are available online or in-store via our Instagram @laselvaz