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Author Ricardo Buzo / Category Store Info / Published: Aug-29-2021

We are now offering FREE repotting services via appointments on Sundays.

Is it that time too repot? Not sure where to start ? No worries! We can provide the soil and know-how, just bring your plant and a new pot for it. We also have lots of lovely pots available in store if you're looking for new one.

How it works ?

Book your appointment using the link below and we will contact you. BOOK NOW

Donations For Plant Pals

Our re-potting services are free for the community. Through this service we would like to fundraise funds for our Plant Pals Club & School Outreach Programs and will have out a donation jar :) Anything helps.

Repotting Policies

We cannot offer to re-pot plants with pest or fungal issues.

While we aim to re-pot your plants while you wait, we may ask that you return at a later time to pick up your plants after re-potting.


Our repotting service should not be thought of as a guaranteed rehabilitation service as every plant requires an assortment of different environmental needs (light, watering, plant nutrients, humidity and etc.) in order to thrive in your home after repotting, especially if it has endured transplant shock, hence, we are not held liable for any plant rot/yellowing/irregularities that may occur after being repotted. For information on caring for a plant after being repotted please refer to accurate online resources and guides.

Let those roots loose !