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The Colocasia Family I

Author Ricardo Buzo / Category Plant Pals Clubs R&D / Published: October-26-2021

"Don't go through life, grow through life."

-Eric Butterworth


In this fieldwork research, we explored the watering, light and care needs of the Black Ripple (Colocasia Black Ripple).

This link will provide you with the infographic that shows the beautiful graphs we created outlining our results!



Participants were 50 plant pals club students ranging from K-6th grade who were either given a 1 2" potted plants: Colocasia Black Ripple to care for. 28 (n=28) of them responded to a data collection survey. The data collected and presented was all child-led.


Taken by surprise, with an average rating of 9.6 out of a scale of 10 in care level, the Colocasia Black Ripple's care was very easy according to our young researchers. When it came to the amount light received for each of the plants it was estimated to be on avg. of 5-8 hours of sunlight. In regards to watering, students found that by keeping their plants in a reservoir of water that the soil would stay moist at all times which is what these swamp plants love ! When it came to new foliage growth, on avg, students saw up to 3 new leaves on their plants ! Overall, our students truly excelled in their plant care on a plant that many adults have had a hard time keeping alive!


In conclusion, this data suggest that the Colocasia Plant Family in general, likes to be sitting in water for the most part and given all the light they can get. Having a reservoir of water will greatly help with keeping your plant alive and thriving. It's worth noting that if your leaves are starting to turn yellow its most likely nothing to be concerned about as long as you have new growth shooting upwards. In researching we found out that this appears to be a common trait of the plant: new leaf comes in and old leaf goes out type of growth cycle. Overall, our plant researchers had a great time taking care of this tall and swampy plant !