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The Monstera Family I

Author Ricardo Buzo / Category Plant Pals Clubs R&D / Published: October-26-2021

"All good things are wild and free"

-Hendry David


In this fieldwork research, we explored the watering, light and care needs of the 'Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa)

This link will provide you with the infographic that shows the beautiful graphs we created outlining our results!



Participants were 50 plant pals club students ranging from K-6th grade who were given a 1 2" potted plants: Monstera Deliciosa to care for. 24 (n=24) of them responded to a data collection survey. The data collected and presented was all child-led.


As we expected the Monstera Deliciosa was a very easy plant to take care. With an average rating of 9.5 out of a scale of 10 in care level, it was reported to have been easy in its care routine, specifically, when it came to watering and light. Surprisingly, the light requirement for the Monstera Deliciosa was reported to be on avg. of 5-8 hours of sunlight. Those who were not able to provide that amount of light saw less leaf growth. In regards to watering, students had to make sure to water weekly as the soil medium (coco coir/perlite) they used was extra porous. When it came to new foliage growth, on avg, students saw up to 3 new leaves on their plants ! Some even reported that their plant grew even more leaves when moved to a brighter spot in their home. Overall, our students came to a 100% consensus that they would highly recommend this plant as a gift for anyone!


In conclusion, this data suggest that the Monstera Family in general, like to be potted in a porous medium, watered weekly (if soil is right) and given ample amount of bright light. Having a window with indirect bright light helps a lot! It's worth noting that a lot of the online recommendations for Monstera Care is for low-medium light or adding a chunky mix, however, our results have shown the opposite of that. Provide your Monstera with bright light and pot them in a fine coco coir soil blend and the results will speak for themselves. Overall, the Monstera Deliciosa has shown why it is a staple in the houseplant community, all can take care of it with ease !