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Hoya Germany

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$30.00 - $50.00
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*Photos Depict Plants When They Are Fully Sun-Stressed to achieve the reddish/pinkish coloring. The leaves are also perfectly healthy if they are just green as that is the plants natural color* 

The rooted cutting(s) you will receive may or may not be sun-stressed as the actual plant can vary greatly and will most likely be green or their natural color. Please keep in mind that the red color on this plant is a product of high light. If your plant is not as red as you would like. Please keep it in higher light to liven up the color.

You have the option of choosing:

1.) Fresh Cutting (Unrooted)( 2-3 leaves usually)


2.)Acclimated Hoya (2-3+ Leaves)

We're predicting the first batch of the acclimated hoyas will be ready end of April. Fresh cuttings will be shipped immediately !

Rooted Cutting(s) will come in 3.5~" pots.