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Exploring the plant kingdom one plant at a time.

Vision & Mission

V: We believe that every child is born a plant explorer ! Ready to explore their local flora. Ready to share their interesting discoveries (cuttings of plants, new growth, and even bugs!). And ready to experience the loving and giving nature of mother earth.

M: We believe that positive experiences in nature are likely to affect children’s future relationships with the natural world and instill a greater sense of environmental concern for generations to come. As you know our children are the future and of the planet’s. And so it’s crucial to expose our children early on about sustainability education (i.e. ecology, conservation and etc.) in order to help children develop an appreciation, understanding and connection for the Earth and all its inhabitants (co-exist).

Program Description

What is Plant Pals Club?

Plant Pals Club, is a free science program where young plant explorers will be given 1 free plants to love and take care of. The plant they receive will have its own difficulty level (i.e. easy, medium or hard) along with activities that they can complete.. At the end of the month, they will fill out a post-survey with all the plant care information they have observed and collected. This child led data will be used to make recommendations for classroom plants across the Bay Area :)

*Note: This is not an in-person program.

What's being provided ?

Your child will receive a plant pals kit that will include:

  • (1x) 2" potted plant,
  • (1) 6 Oz bag of my personal soil mix
  • (1) Houseplant 101 field guide + Plant Explorers Worksheets


Your input is very valuable to us and the plant community! That is why we will be asking you to fill out our "Plant Child Led Research Survey" at the end of the month. This data will helps us create informative graphs and beautiful galleries of your young plant explorer(s) data!

Also checkout our Instagram page IG: @plantpalzclub  and tag us at #plantpalsclub & #workhardplantlater to see your kiddos plant pals featured

Below you will our first research article for each month of this year:

April 2021, The Pilea Family Edition [Read Now]

June 2021, The Fern Family Edition [Read Now]

July 2021, The Carnivorous Family Edition [Read Now]

August 2021, The Monstera Family Edition [Read Now]

September 2021, The Colocasia Family Edition [Read Now]

Houseplant 101 Curriculum 

We created a 37 page hands-on houseplant curricula that is open for everyone to use for educational purposes. This curricula is design to further deepen and enrich houseplant knowledge and provide a foundation to houseplant care!

Here is the link to access it :) Enjoy! Houseplant Science For Kids


What is the cost ?

Its Free ! Also, we are always accpeting donations to futher fund our outreach to schools.

Do you ship ?

At this time we are not offering shipping. We are only offering local pick up.

How can we supplement their plant knowledge even further?

We created a curriculum specifically for indoor plants! Check it out! Houseplants Science For Kids PDF

What if I have more than one child?

All your children can join since that would qualify as one family though its worth noting that you must sign up each of your children since each one will have their own experience, their own discoveries and their own plant pals.

Plant Levels (Please click on the levels for tasks information)

Plant Sprouts

Beginner | 1 Energy Points

"These activities will show you how to take care of your plant pals."

Plant Parent

Moderate | 2 Energy Points  

"These activities will help you understand the differences in plant care."

Plant Growers

Advance | 3 Energy Points

"These activities will challenge and build upon your plant knowledge!"

Plant Pals Gallery

Plant Explorer's Data